GWM M4 Looks To The History Of Hatchbacks

The hatchback has been with us for a good few decades now, and how it has changed motoring for all of us. The hatchback introduces the world to cheap, reliable motoring that’s convenient for the family and is able to take on long journeys.

Over the years, the hatchback has been altered and adapted to suit an ever-changing market. From small, affordable cars to expensive speed machines. Some were even turned into bakkies! The idea that the hatchback has made an impact on the automotive world is surely an understatement. So what is new?

The GWM M4 aims to reignite what the hatchback did by introducing the automotive market to premium and capable SUVs at an affordable price. And here’s how it aims to do so.

Luxurious interior

The GWM M4 specs a stylish and modern facia, with a sleek design featuring a piano black dashboard. The interior comes specified with an advanced infotainment system that seamlessly connects to your Bluetooth and supports USB and aux. A nice feature to have when you want to turn your interior into a personal DJ booth.

Rugged styling

The exterior is built for adventure. With hardened and treated plastic bumpers surrounding the bottom of the GWM M4, drivers can hit the open road and venture off track if the mood takes them. With a floating roof rack, the GWM M4 specs more storage space than most will ever need. And no GWM M4 review is complete without looking at the raised ground clearance. Hills and rocky roads are no match for it’s able stance.

Engine Performance

Any GWM M4 for sale comes standard with great engine and warranty. The 1.5 VVT-I engine produces 71.3 kW at 6 000 rpm and 138 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is kept at a low of 7.2 litres/100 km (combined cycle), with the performance managed through a smooth 5-speed manual transmission.


Each GWM M4 for sale also comes standard with GWM’s comprehensive 5-year/100 000 km warranty and 2-years/24-hour roadside assistance. An optional 5-years/60 000 km sevice plan is also available.

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GWM M4 Price is Justifiable

The new year is around the corner and many South African will be looking to start off 2017 in style. What most are going to do is look for a new car. But is the car you’re looking for up to standard?

The GWM M4 caters to several automotive consumers with its diverse design, all-round practicality, neat creature comforts and trendy design. Here’s how these features can help in everyday life by doing a basic GWM M4 review of the GWM M4 specs.


The GWM M4 specs an advanced infotainment system featuring Bluetooth audio with auxiliary and USB that turns the interior into your very own Sydney Opera House. Great quality audio can make any trip into an adventure worth remembering.

Ride height

Speaking of adventure, any GWM M4 for sale features excellent ground clearance and rugged, capable design. This allows for adventures off the beaten track. It also gives you the added advantage of taking your GWM M4 on most gravel roads without a moment’s hesitation.

Floating roof rack

The GWM M4 SUV features a beautifully styled floating roof rack that comes on handy when you want to pack more than the boot can carry. Simply put large items such as a bicycle or canoe on the roof rails, tie them down and off you go!

Boot space

Another neat feature you can find on any GWM M4 for sale is the large capacity boot. The space can be increased once the 60:40 split rear seats are folded down. Great for when you pop down to the shops and need a bit more storage capacity than usual.

Performance The 1.5 VVT-i engine offers exceptional performance by delivering 69.3 kW at 6 000 rpm and 138 Nm of torque. It’s frugal too as it uses 7.2 litres/100 km (combined cycle) dependent on your driving style. This means you have enough power to tow the caravan and it won’t break the budget. Warranty When considering the GWM M4 price it’s hard to think that it comes with a comprehensive 5-year/100 000 km warranty and 2-years/24-hour roadside assistance courtesy of the Automobile Association (AA). Great value from only R189 900. The GWM M4 is truly a bargain.

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Looking for a New Set of Wheels for the New Year? Take a Look at New Bakkie Specials

The New Year is almost here and if you are planning on starting the year off with a new set of wheels, then you will want to visit a GWM dealership and have a look at the new bakkie deals and daily specials.


This compact SUV will take you through bustling city streets and across stunning landscapes in style. With a comfortable interior and a range of entertainment features, this vehicle is guaranteed to make any road trip an exciting one. Starting at R189 900, the GWM M4 comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. It also comes with standard and optional service plans.

GWM Steed 5

Whether you opt for the single or the double cab, you won’t be disappointed. The single cabs are tough workhorses and designed for hard work. The single cab Steed 5 comes with comfort features such as power steering and air-conditioning which enables you to do your work without breaking a sweat. The Steed 5 double cab is designed for adventure and exciting family road trips. Starting from R189 900, you can get a reliable and stylish set of wheels without breaking the bank.

GWM Steed 5E

With a tough, sophisticated exterior and a stylish, refined interior, the Steed 5E is the ideal leisure-orientated double cab bakkie for motorists. Complete with safety features and a range of comfort and entertainment options, the Steed 5E will make any journey – no matter how long – a pleasant one. Starting from R234 900, the price is only just one of the many attractive things about this vehicle.

GWM Steed 6

The Steed 6 is designed for motorists who refuse to settle for anything but the best. With power, advanced safety features and a range of other luxuries, the Steed 6 will make a huge impression wherever you go. The Steed 6 is available from R299 900. If you are looking for a vehicle which best suits your lifestyle, visit a GWM dealership and have a look at the new bakkies for sale today.

Image credit: GWM Alberton

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GWM Steed Range Explained

When you’re in the market for a GWM Steed Double Cab bakkie, you’re faced with 3 options. The GWM Steed 5, GWM Steed 5E and GWM Steed 6. All three models are made to GWM’s standards and designed to be practical, comfortable and stylish.

All GWM Steed models might seem like great deals from the get-go but each GWM Steed model offers something different to the other. Let’s see what each model brings to the table.

GWM Steed 5

The GWM Steed 5 is the only model in the range that’s also available as a Single Cab. The Steed 5 is made to be the all-rounder bakkie, a workhorse during the week and a family car on the weekends. The GWM Steed 5 caters to the market that looking for a tough vehicle that won’t break the bank. So if you are in the market for something that’s affordable, practical and comfortable, the Steed 5 is the one to consider.

GWM Steed 5E

The Steed 5E is the premium version of the standard Steed 5 model, featuring more creature comforts and a redesigned facia. Built on the same chassis as the tough Steed 5, Steed 5E owners can expect to get more premium and luxurious features for the extra cost. Fitting in comfortably between the Steed 5 and Steed 6 models, the Steed 5E is GWM’s mid-class offering the bakkie market.

GWM Steed 6

The GWM Steed 6 can be considered as the ultimate bakkie in the range. The GWM Steed 6 caters for a market that wants the best a bakkie can offer in terms of luxury, style and capability. It might have a premium price compared to the rest of the GWM Steed range, but it’s priced affordably compared to its rivals in the market. The GWM Steed 6 was also awarded the 2015 Bakkie of the Year by SA Bakkie & Truck Magazine.

Whichever GWM Steed model you choose, you can rest in the knowledge that each GWM Steed model comes with a 3-5 year warranty, corrosion cover and unlimited towing assistance from the Automobile Association.

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Let GWM Take You Safely to Your Destination

GWM is well-known for providing top quality and reliable vehicles. However, our service doesn’t come to an end the moment a customer leaves the dealership floor in a brand new bakkie. With GWM, motorists are guaranteed various aspects of owner support, including parts support, approved repair centres, warranty and service plans and 24 hour AA roadside assistance.

GWM won’t leave you stranded

At GWM, your safety comes first. And, since our aim is to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free drive at all times, we offer 24 hour AA roadside assist cover for two years for all new GWM vehicles. With this exclusive cover, AA Fleet Care will come to the rescue of stranded GWM customers and assists with basic on-site repairing and towing. This incredible service offer is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, including public holidays.

Roadside assistance services on offer:
• Assistance with changing flat tyres.
• If you run out of fuel, you will be provided with a maximum of five litres of fuel.
• A jump start should you need it. This is limited to two callouts each year. Anymore will be for your account.
• Battery replacement.
• Towing. Should you have a breakdown, AA will organise for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest approved GWM dealer.
• Basic roadside repairs to get you up and running again. These include electrical repairs, coil replacements as well as battery and immobiliser related breakdowns.
• Towing. Should you break down on the side of the road, the AA will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest GWM approved dealer.
For more information about the 24 hour roadside assist cover, contact a GWM dealership. Alternatively, visit Image credit: GWM George

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Why You Should Consider Single Cab Bakkies

Single Cab bakkies are embedded into South African culture. They have helped shaped the country, from driving crops up and down dusty roads, helping small construction companies to doubling up as a makeshift swimming pool during rugby matches.

Whichever way you look at it, Single Cab bakkies are part of South Africa. So why are they so loved? Here are a few reasons why they are so loved in South Africa.


South Africans love being practical, so the bakkie should be to. A flat bed with simple locking, much like the GWM Steed 5 Single Cab, is ideal for when you want to load and unload heavy items. Due to the large amount of space in SA, people tend to purchase bigger things. Larger sofas and larger fridges are easily transported using a Single Cab.


Single Cab bakkies are usually specified with few features, as practicality is key to this model. With 2-3 seats in the front, Single Cab models transport only the necessary, driver and items. This is great for small companies or farmers. The GWM Steed 5 Single Cab 4x2 Workhorse is a great example of affordable practicality.


Due to their practicality and simplicity, they have little that goes wrong. Single Cab bakkies are known as workhorses, muels that lug around heavy loads to areas that most cars dare to go. As for as purpose goes, any Single Cab bakkie for sale can expect a tough life. We’re not saying that Double Cab bakkies such as the Steed 5 Double Cab or Steed 5E aren’t durable, but their premium interiors are designed to cater for a more style conscious market.


When looking at Single Cab vs Double Cab bakkies, the one thing that always makes the single cab for sale a better prospect is price. You get tons of practicality at a highly affordable price. Great deal for any South African consumer.

When you are looking at the list of Single Cab bakkies for sale it’s best you make sure to consider what you want and how you will utilise it. The utility is ultimately the deciding factor when you consider Single Cab vs Double Cab bakkies.

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Haval SA celebrates the holidays with you!

Are you ready for Summer ’16? Going on a road trip?

Share your best GWM holiday stories or take a snap of yourself, your friends or family in, or with your GWM vehicle, and you could stand a chance to win exciting prizes including fuel and airtime vouchers!

What you need to know… What is the competition about?

Haval SA would like to bring together the country’s GWM owners and encourage them to share their holiday snaps and stories with the rest of the GWM community. Whether you’re travelling with your friends, partner, family, or solo we want to hear from you!

How does it work

STEP 1: While on your holiday road trip or even when you’re at your destination, snap a pics of yourself, your friends, family in your GWM vehicle. Make sure we can clearly see it is a GWM vehicle. Perhaps you would also like to tell us a funny, silly or exciting story about your holiday? Mention this too!

STEP 2: Tweet, Instagram or Facebook your pic or story using the hashtag #GWMselfie and tag @GWMSouthAfrica in your posts. You may submit as many entries as you like.

Make sure you like, share and follow our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages with your friends!

Start date: 15 December 2016
Deadline for submissions: 13 January 2017
Winners will be announced on 20 January 2017

Prizes up for grabs include:
• First prize: R2000 fuel voucher
• Second prize: R1000 fuel voucher (2 x R1000 prizes)
• Third prize: R500 airtime vouchers (2 x R500 vouchers)
• Prizes for ten noteworthy entries: R180 airtime vouchers (10 x R180)

How will the winners be chosen?

Haval SA will decide on the winning entries. The GWM Facebook community will decide on the “fan favourites” entries.

What are the rules?
• Your images must include a GWM vehicle (M4, Steed 5 or older models, Hover or C30).
• No other vehicle or branding must appear in the image.
• In order to be considered all images/posts must include the #GWMselfie and tag @GWMSouthAfrica
• The image must be a clear image.
• Posts with any nudity or profanities will not be considered
• Please drive safely! We will not be held responsible for your texting and driving/or posting your entry while driving

Terms and Conditions:
• The competition is open to all participants age 18 years old and over except employees of Haval Motors SA and Just Perfect Marketing, their close relatives and anyone otherwise connected with the organisation or judging of the competition.
• There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.
• By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
• Multiple entries are welcome.
• Closing date for entry will be 13 January 2017. After this date the no further entries to the competition will be accepted.
• No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.
• Haval Motors reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of their control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the promoter.
• The prize is as stated and cannot be exchanged for cash or other alternatives. The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice. • The winner will be notified by email and/or DM on Twitter/Facebook and/or email within 28 days of the closing date.
• If the winners cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.
• The promoter’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
• The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry.
• Haval Motors’ decision as to those able to take part and selection of winners is final. No correspondence relating to the competition will be entered into.
• Once your entry is submitted, Haval SA reserves the right to re-tweet/repost/regram your entry with the public – all your other contact details will remain confidential

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Go Big with a Double Cab Bakkie from GWM


We have all heard the saying “Go big or go home.” Well, if you are planning on upgrading your vehicle to something bold, sophisticated and with a bit more power, then you’ll definitely want to visit a GWM dealership and have a look at their exclusive range of double cab bakkies for sale.

Of course, if you truly want to make a lasting impression wherever you go, then look no further than the GWM Steed 6.

A double cab bakkie like no other

With its bold appearance and commanding presence, the GWM Steed 6 has been specifically designed for motorists who want to drive only the best. Powered by GWM’s robust 2.0 litre engine, the Steed 6 has all the power you need to take you wherever you want to go. With its solid design, chiselled looks and sheer magnitude, the Steed 6 is a vehicle which demands respect wherever it goes.

Big in size, big on features

The GWM Steed 6 is currently one of the biggest double cab bakkies on the market. However, its sheer size is not the only big thing about this finely sculpted vehicle. The Steed 6 also comes equipped with an incredible range of advanced safety and security features, as well as comfort and entertainment features, designed to make any journey you take a smooth one.

Safety and security features include:
• Dual front SRS airbags.
• Side airbags.
• Rear child locks.
• Lights-on warning.
• Auto-locking.
• Tyre pressure monitoring.
• Immobiliser.
• Rain-sensing wipers.

Comfort and entertainment features include:
• Air conditioning.
• Climate control.
• Cruise control.
• Electric windows.
• Radio/CD/MP3 player.
• Bluetooth integration.

GWM Steed 6 double cab for sale

If you are in the market for a new vehicle and are wanting to make a big impression wherever you go, visit your nearest GWM dealership and have a look at the double cab bakkie specials which are on offer.

Image credit: GWM Alberton

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GWM SA Takes Strides In The Market

The prospect of spending a large portion of your income on transport is daunting, especially if it’s something that you’ll have to do over extended periods of time. Vehicles aren’t cheap, neither is fuel. Your choice will need to a be carefully considered one.

But what if the choice was made easier by GWM South Africa? The question you’re surely asking is how, and here’s the answer.

Haval Motors recently announced their ownership of GWM SA, a giant leap in taking the brand to the next level in automotive dominance. Haval Motors and GWM have a long and proud history of being market leaders in one of the largest automotive economies in the world, China.

GWM SA is aiming to become a market leader in South Africa too with the introduction of GWM Motors’ affordable, practical and stylish GWM cars and GWM bakkies.


The GWM M4 is a stylish and ground breaking GWM SUV that introduces premium features to a budget driven market. Starting from only R189 900, owners can expect features such as Bluetooth radio, floating roof rails and large interior capacity.

GWM Steed Range

The GWM Steed range include the affordable Steed 5, the stylish Steed 5E and award winning Steed 6. All models are designed to be tough, capable and durable while enclosing the occupants in comfort and luxurious premium features.

GWM Warranty

GWM SA also boasts their comprehensive warranty plans for each model which ranges from 3 to 5 years. Another benefit for consumers is the fact that GWM prices remained stable for the past 2 years, ensuring that customers can get great quality at an affordable price. This is supported even further by various GWM special that run throughout the year.

Consumers are faced with tough economic times, so choosing the right long-term investment is key. Luckily, consumers have several options to choose from and various platforms and outlets which reviewed each model in detail. From automotive magazines, newspaper journalists and TV/online shows discuss the pros and cons of each vehicle so buyers can make an informed decision.

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Find a Stylish New Bakkie for Sale at GWM

Black Friday has come and gone and across South Africa shoppers flocked to different stores to take advantage of the incredible specials which were on offer. However, even though November 25 has passed, and most of the specials are over, there is still good news for motorists who are looking for bakkies for sale. GWM has an incredible range of vehicles on offer and all at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for a stylish new set of vehicles, then visit your nearest dealership and take a look at the bakkies for sale.

On the showroom floor

GWM has an impressive range vehicles on offer. Some of these include:

• M4 – from R189 900
• Steed 5 – from R189 900
• Steed 5E – from R234 900
• Steed 6 – from R299 900

Each bakkie model has a unique design and comes with safety and security features as well as a range of comfort and entertainment options, all aimed at making your journey a pleasant one. Aside from offering reliable and stylish vehicles, GWM also provides all-round service, including customer care, warranty and service plans and roadside assist.

With the holiday season almost upon us, now is the ideal time to look at getting a new vehicle, especially if you are planning on going away for the holidays. GWM bakkies are built for endurance and designed to handle long hauls. These stylish vehicles are ideal for camping adventures and they are certainly not shy when it comes to having to cross rough terrain.

Find a GWM dealership near you

GWM has accredited dealerships situated across the country, so if you are looking for bakkies for sale in Gauteng, you will easily be able to find a branch near you. You can also visit GWM’s website to find branches in other provinces. So, even if you are searching for bakkies for sale in Cape Town, you will be able to find a professional dealership to assist you.

If you are looking to find a vehicle which suits your lifestyle, contact your nearest GWM dealership and book a test drive today.

Image credit: GWM Alberton

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Prices for the GWM Steed 5E Remain Constant for 18 Months

November got off to a rough start for motorists across the country as the petrol price increased once again. Unfortunately, vehicle owners will now have to dig a little deeper in order to fill their tanks which means they will have to readjust their budgets, especially if they are going on holiday during December. However, even though the fuel price never remains stable, there is one thing motorists can always count on. And that is constant service and affordable new bakkie prices from GWM.

Tough to beat

With inflation, the fluctuating exchange rate and the devastating drought wreaking havoc on the economy, it has been a rough year for consumers. As a result, a majority of people are expecting new bakkie prices in South Africa to be rocketing through the roof. This is definitely not the case as far as GWM is concerned and, over the last 18 months, the price of the GWM Steed 5E has remained the same.

Additional benefits from GWM

Aside from keeping their prices the same for new bakkie specials over the last several months, GWM is also giving their customers more with the Spring Service Campaign. If you take your vehicle to be serviced, you will receive a R280 discount. In addition to this, any maintenance repair, on your vehicle, which costs more than R570, will also result in a R280 discount. If you are planning on going away on holiday in December, it is advisable that you have your car serviced before you hit the road. Fortunately, the Spring Service Campaign is running until November 30 (terms and conditions apply), so there is more than enough time for you to book your vehicle in before you head off to relax and put your feet up.

Visit your dealership today

With their professional assistance, affordable new bakkie deals and Spring Service Campaign, GWM is helping motorists reach their chosen destination safely. The petrol price might be putting a dent in your wallet, but a new reliable set of wheels doesn’t have to.

Image credit: GWM Alberton

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4x2 vs 4x4 Pros and Cons

So, you’re looking up 4x4 and 4x2 bakkies for sale and you aren’t sure which is better for you. Well, we’re here to help.

When it comes to the question of 4x2 vs 4x4, there may not be a clear-cut answer. This is because everything depends on your primary purpose for the vehicle. But, having said that, we’ll give you a few details about each that will hopefully help you make a decision.

What You Get from a 4x2 Car or Bakkie

A 4x2 car or bakkie has four wheels (as you would expect). However, only two of these wheels are driven by the engine. The other two spin as a result of the motion of the vehicle. The driven wheels can either be the forward or rear wheels, though front wheel drive tends to lend itself to stability.

What You Get from a 4x4

A 4x4 vehicle has what is referred to as four-wheel drive. This means that each of the four wheels receives power from the engine. These vehicles feature a ‘low range’ of gears, which helps the axle spin at lower than normal RPM.

4x2 vs 4x4

One of the definite pros of 4x2 bakkies for sale is fuel economy. It stands to reason that powering fewer wheels would consume less petrol. And, speaking of costs, 4x2 vehicles save on a few fronts. Their initial sale price is usually lower, as are their maintenance costs as there are fewer parts to maintain.

As for the cons, you might find that the resale value for a 2x4 is lower. In addition, these cars or bakkies get stuck easier in mud or over difficult terrain as there are fewer wheels receiving power.

One of the obvious pros of 4x4s is that this is far less likely to happen as a result of their low range gears and four-wheel drive. Also, the resale value of 4x4s tends to be higher.

Having said that, the initial price might be high as well. In addition, the maintenance costs can be more on account of the higher amount of working parts.

Which Is Better?

When weighing up the 4x2 vs 4x4 pros and cons it is important to keep an eye on what you most require the vehicle for. If you are likely to be staying away from treacherous roads and need less low-speed brunt, perhaps a 4x2 is for you. Alternatively, if you can see a lot of off-roading in your future, it might be worth it to opt for a 4x4 and look forward to the higher resale value.

Whichever you choose hopefully the above information helped you figure out which of the two choices is the better one for you. And, if you need further help deciding, we’d be more than happy to oblige, so contact us today!

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Steed 6 Review Leaves Lasting Impression

The first impression is always utterly important, but it fades once the details are discovered. The lasting impression is made from endless observations of the details that are invisible to the naked eye during the initial impression. The details that linger are the ones that last.

So, what lasting impression does the new GWM Steed 6 4x4, a model that was voted the best bakkie of 2015 by Bakkie & Truck Magazine, make? To find out the lasting impression, the details need to be uncovered in the Steed 6 specs.


As with any new models on the automotive market, first impressions are measured by the attention placed on the styling. The simple fact of how it looks is deemed far more important than other criteria. And the GWM Steed 6 review is positive.

Its bold, louvred grille and accentuated wheel arches gives it a powerful stance that demands attention. The visual appeal added by the integrated LED strips, high-intensity projector-style headlamps and a finely sculpted lower airdam ensures the GWM Steed 6 4x4 looks at home anywhere.

Comfort and entertainment

The European inspired facia accentuated by the two-tone black and grey details gives the impression of luxury. Soft touches remind the driver of the quality of materials used, from the leather covered seats and dashboard to the treated plastic buttons.

Multi-function steering wheel, trip computer and cruise control come standard, along with Bluetooth and height-adjustable driver’s seat. Auto wipers and full house leather upholstery can be found on the flagship Xscape model.

Power and economy

The Steed 6 4x4 comes fitted with GWM's 2,0-litre VGT engine. This powerhouse delivers 105 kW and 305 Nm of torque through a six-speed manual transmission. This translates into a manageable power output and an economical combined fuel cycle of 8,8 L/100 km.

Adding to the Steed 6 specs is the standard rear-differential lock that will come in handy when road turns into an adventure.

Is it expensive?

Retailing from R299 000 makes the Steed 6 for sale one of the best bargains on the market. All Steed 6 models are backed by GWM's comprehensive 5-years/100 000 km warranty and 2-years/24-hour roadside assistance. An optional 5-years/60 000 km service plan is also available.

Image credit: GWM Pretoria

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Go on Holiday in Style with a GWM M4

The end of the year is only a few weeks away and already people are getting into the festive spirit and starting to plan their December holiday. If you are traveling somewhere local, you probably have already booked your accommodation and made a list of items which you need to take with you. However, have you considered how you will be traveling to your holiday destination? If not, why not take a look at a GWM M4 for sale and arrive at your location in comfort and style.

GWM M4 specs and features

Aside from coming in four vibrant colours (Titanium White, Jazz Red, Sky Silver and Fashionable Orange), the GWM M4 offers a range of specs and features, each one designed to ensure that wherever you go, your journey will be a pleasant one. Some of these features include:

For convenience and comfort

• Air conditioning • Cruise control • Power steering • Electric windows • Electric mirrors • Remote audio controls

For safety and security

• Dual SRS airbags at the front • ABS with EBD • Immobiliser • Isofix child seat mountings • Rear door child locks • Remote central locking • Adjustable safety belts

Despite being more compact compared to other small crossovers, the GWM M4 is a practical vehicle for everyday use as well as those special occasions (like holidays) when you might have to travel over long distances. With an impressive 310 litres of boot space at your disposal, you won’t have to stress about packing lightly or not having enough room to fit all of your family’s luggage. If you need any additional space, then the rear seat, which is split 60:40, can be folded down to accommodate your needs. The M4 also offers plenty of legroom as well so your family can stretch out in comfort for those long journeys.

GWM M4 price

When considering a new car, price is always a major deciding factor. However, by going through a reliable dealership, you will find the GWM M4 and all its incredible features at the right price. Of course, if you are still not convinced that this is the right vehicle for you, go online and take a look at the GWM M4 review and let the facts speak for themselves.

Image credit: GWM Alberton

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New Bakkie Prices: Are They Affordable?

New Bakkie Prices: Are They Affordable?

Simply put, no. The consumer is under increasing pressure every single day. This is more so than not the case for South African consumers. A weakening currency caused by political uncertainty, struggling trade and increased worker disputes all contribute their fair share in pressuring the South African consumer.

This becomes clearer when you look at the increasing new bakkie prices in South Africa. New bakkie deals can easily set one back over a quarter of a million, and it doesn’t get cheaper when one looks at new bakkie specials.

Sure, many of the new bakkies for sale do come with financial structuring support, but it comes in the form of a balloon payment that will linger over your bank account for years to come. Simply put, new bakkies are getting too expensive. Looking at the new bakkie prices seen on the local automotive market, one wonders how much debt the South African consumer is actually in.

This view is shared in other countries too. Although the US has the luxury of a more affordable baseline price for all their vehicle and fuelling, the global price increase of metal and manufacturing saw them, along with Europe and Asia, increase the prices across the board. Many automotive brands, including GWM, are looking to other methods of manufacturing and material production to keep prices as low as possible.

Considering the economic pressures endured by nearly every facet of the South African consumer market, expecting the automotive market to remain affordable is a pipeline dream… Unless of course you consider the new GWM Steed range. GWM proudly boasts the fact that prices across the GWM range have remained stable for 18 months and counting. And with market leading features available at entry level prices, the GWM Steed looks like the bargain of the century.

Image credit: Autodealer

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