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Fuel Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emission Figures. The figures reflected were obtained in accordance with prescribed uniform measuring standards (SANS 20101: 2006 / ECE R101: 2005 in their currently applicable version) under laboratory type conditions. The measuring standards are stipulated by law. They do not apply to specific vehicle and are provided to enable comparison between different vehicle models tested using the same uniform measuring standard. The values are accordingly not necessarily representative of real life driving conditions. Factors such as driving style, vehicle load, road conditions, tyre size, traffic and ambient conditions may result in different fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission levels to those achieved under the test parameters referred to above. More details are contained in the owner's manual.

The finance calculator is included for your convenience and should only be used to calculate approximate repayment amounts. Actual repayment amounts will depend on the actual interest rate charged, terms, conditions and calculation method used by the institution that provides finance.