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GWM Steed 6 Is Bakkie & Truck Magazine Bakkie Of The Year

Bakkie & Truck best bakkie of the year, 2015

THE GWM Steed 6 has barely been introduced and already it is being showered with praise. The new flagship, leisure-oriented double-cab has just been announced as "Bakkie of the Year, 2015" by local publication Bakkie & Truck, in the magazine's February 2015 issue.

The annual award, which has been running for more than a decade, saw the Steed 6 2,0VGT Xscape compete against a strong line-up of six competitors, including entrants from Ford, Toyota, JMC, Nissan and Foton. "The best-specced bakkie we have driven comes at a price that will have its traditional rivals' eyes watering," the magazine's editorial panel concluded when awarding the prized title to the Steed 6.

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