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Kokkedoor's Nic van Wyk Sold On GWM

Kokkedoor's Nic van Wyk Sold On GWM

GWM's high-profile sponsorship of the second season of the smash-hit Afrikaans reality cooking show, Kokkedoor, also entailed supplying co-host and judge, Nic van Wyk, with an H5 2,0 VGT to drive for a year. With the sponsorship having run its course, Nic was faced with a dilemma - he had to buy a car!

His year with the H5 was, however, enough to convince him that a GWM was the way to go. As a "double-cab man", his final choice was a Steed 5 2,4 4x2. "You just can't beat the value," he explains. "I've driven many bakkies in my life and considering the Steed's capability, features and price," there's simply nothing out there that comes close. I also had great service from the GWM Helderberg branch during my year with the H5."

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