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Johannesburg 15 August - Successful Chinese car manufacturer, GWM continues to gain popularity among local motor consumers. Piece-of-mind and after-sale support for customers are just two of GWM’s most impressive offers.

Purchasing a vehicle is a major financial commitment; consumers want to know their hard-eared money is being spent wisely. Added to this, they want assurance their manufacturer will be there for them should unforeseen problems occur.

A wholly owned subsidiary of GWM, Haval has been granted distribution rights to sell their vehicles to the local market. Haval’s range of professional SUVs are suited to the South African motoring public’s needs, and are a great alternative to the established brands in the SUV segment. In China, Haval SUV ranked No. 1 in sales volume for 12 consecutive years. In 2014, Haval sold 429,000 units in China, up 53 percent year on year. Already an SUV leading motor vehicle brand worldwide, Haval hopes to continue this successful streak in South Africa.

GWM is focused on establishing themselves as a cornerstone brand within the local automotive market by showcasing their quality and design progress over recent years.

Bi-monthly magazine, Bakkie and Truck South Africa voted the Steed 6 2.0 VGT Xscape double-cab the bakkie of the year in 2015 which shows GWM’s automotive progress.

"The new GWM Steed 6 revolutionises what one expects from a top double-cab bakkie, especially at the price," Bakkie & Truck magazine editor Michele Lupini pointed out. "The Steed 6 Xscape flagship blends bakkie convenience with the level of specification and class normally expected of an executive car, backed up by GWM's high level of service and support to stand head and shoulders above the rest and score a comprehensive 2015 Bakkie of the Year win."

For more info on GWM bakkies visit www.gwm.co.za

M4 R189 900
Steed 5 single-cab R164 900
Steed 5 double-cab from R184 900
Steed 5E double-cab from R239 900
Steed 6 double-cab from R299 900

About GWM

GWM made its debut in South Africa in March 2007. As a newcomer to the market, we soon started gathering fans with our highly affordable and quality Single and Double Cabs. The GWM brand has grown consistently over the years and so has our product range. Today we are proud to see our quality pick-ups, SUVs and passenger cars on South African roads. Moving our customers from points A to B as they journey through life.

Backed by Great Wall Motors in China, all GWM owners have the assurance that they've put their trust in a global giant. With a national dealer network of 46 dealerships and peace-of-mind warranties it’s no wonder why GWM is a choice for many.

In 2015, Great Wall Motors accumulatively sold 852,700 vehicles and successfully achieved the annual sales target. This figure includes 699,000 SUVs, an increase of 34.58% from the previous year, 99,500 pickups and 54,200 passenger cars. The total profit is 9.689 billion yuan and the total revenue is 76.033 billion yuan, an increase of 21.46% from the previous year. The operation result tops all the independent brands. The total sales volume ranks eighth among all the vehicle manufacturers in China. SUV ranks first among all counterparts in China, and wins the champion for the 13th consecutive time. HAVAL H6 has won the champion of SUV single vehicle model sales for 3 consecutive years; the pickup has held the position of industry leader for 18 years.

GWM vehicles are designed to answer the lifestyle needs of all customers, without breaking the bank. From the farmer and small business owner to adventure junkies, the mom and dad looking to take their kids on scenic family adventures, or the young go-getter determined to make it on their own - there really is a GWM for everyone.

Visit your nearest GWM dealership today to put our quality vehicles and dedicated service to the test!

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