Great Wall Motors' Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing put into Production, Radiating the Southwest and Aiming Globally

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2019 is a crucial year for the globalization of Great Wall Motors. Since the beginning of the year Great Wall Motors has taken measures for its globalization. In January, Great Wall Motors' HAVAL Brand put forward the "5-2-1 Globalization Strategy". In April, Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors, was invited to attend The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation CEO Conference to explore more possibilities for Chinese automobile enterprises to "go global". In June, Great Wall Motors' Tula Factory in Russia, the first overseas full process vehicle manufacturing factory built by Chinese automobile brands, was completed and put into production. Now, Great Wall Motors will make another achievement of its globalization.

Great Wall Motors' Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing will be completed and put into production by the end of August. Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing is the fifth full process vehicle manufacturing base of Great Wall Motors in the world. The global production layout of Great Wall Motors will be achieved and the "globalization strategy" of Great Wall Motors is further supported with Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing, the manufacturing bases that have been put into production such as Baoding Factory, Xushui Factory, Tianjin Factory and Tula Factory in Russia, and those that are under construction such as Zhangjiagang Factory, Rizhao Factory, Pinghu Factory and Taizhou Factory, as well as several KD factories of Great Wall Motors along the "Belt and Road".

Great Wall Motor Company Limited Chongqing Branch

Meanwhile, the first product of Great Wall Motors' new P Series Pickup which is a new brand under Great Wall Pickup will also be launched. As a global pickup brand, Great Wall Motors' new P Series Pickup is a new generation of pickups around the world, reshaping the global pickup landcsape and competing head-on with Toyota, Ford and other international mainstream pickup brands, aiming at the world's Top Three.

Why did the fifth full process vehicle manufacturing base of Great Wall Motors in the world settle in Chongqing?

For an automobile enterprise, when setting up a factory, it should not only consider the economic environment and geographical location of the city, but also evaluate whether the city's comprehensive service capacity can match the development demands of the automobile industry and the enterprise itself. Chongqing is undoubtedly one of the ideal choices.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the "West China Development" strategy. Over the past 20 years, a high-level layout of expansion has been established in West China, presenting one of the most significant changes in China's regional economic pattern. In particular, the Chengdu-Chongqing urban agglomeration has achieved unprecedented development. Meanwhile, as an important automobile industry base in China, Chongqing enjoys a strong industrial atmosphere, complete industrial facilities and obvious advantages in transportation and logistics which further promotes Great Wall Motors to set up a factory in Chongqing.

Chongqing, an important automobile industry base in China

In addition, setting up a factory in Chongqing is an important measure for Great Wall Motors to take active part in and integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction and drive the regional economic development. Eastward, it can follow the Yangtze River waterway to run through the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Southward, it can take advantage of the Pan-Asian Railway to cover the entire Southeast Asian market. Westward, it can take advantage of the Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe International Railway to radiate the vast northwest region and rejuvenate the "Silk Road".

Great Wall Motors' global production layout

With the completion and commissioning of Great Wall Motors' Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing, Great Wall Motors will form a more competitive global research, production and marketing system. So far, Great Wall Motors has formed a R&D pattern covering 10 regions in 7 countries globally and established marketing networks in more than 60 countries, covering overseas markets in central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Great Wall Motors has planned 9 manufacturing bases such as Baoding Factory, Xushui Factory, Tianjin Factory, Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing, Zhangjiagang Factory in Jiangsu, Rizhao Factory in Shandong, Pinghu Factory in Zhejiang, Taizhou Factory in Jiangsu and Tula Factory in Russia, as well as 5 KD factories, forming a "9+5" global production system.

Aerial view of Great Wall Motors' Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing

More importantly, the Sichuan-Chongqing Economic Zone, represented by Chongqing, is also one of the most important sales areas of products of Great Wall Motors. Setting up factory in Chongqing will not only bring Great Wall Motors closer to the market, but also inject new vitality into the Chongqing automobile market by combining the efforts of both sides. In addition, Great Wall Motors will actively take social responsibilities in tax payment, poverty alleviation and employment promotion to boost economic development in Chongqing.

Led by the P Series Pickup, Great Wall Motors accelerates its globalization

As an important project in the global production layout of Great Wall Motors, Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing, after its completion and commissioning, will become the fifth full process vehicle manufacturing base of Great Wall Motors in the world and the first vehicle manufacturing base in South China representing the top level of Chinese automobile and even Made in China.

It is worth mentioning that Great Wall Motors' new P Series Pickup will be launched with mass production on the same day as the completion and commissioning of Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing. There are three models, respectively commercial pickup, passenger pickup and cross-country pickup. The birth of P series pickup indicates that Great Wall Pickup is accelerating its globalization, opening the era of passenger pickup, leading the pickup culture with Chinese characteristics and becoming one of the world's top three pickup brands.

Great Wall Motors' new P Series Pickup

On August 18, Great Wall Motors' new P Series Pickup officially launched its pre-sale. As the first product in the era of 3.0 multi-purpose passenger pickup, the P Series Pickup is characterized with the"Five-Centered New Ecology", namely in terms of passenger, intelligence, network, customization and cleanness. In addition, as the first product launched by the new exclusive P71 platform, P Series will be safer, more comfortable, lighter and more versatile.

Now, at the historical starting point of global competition, Great Wall Motors is steadily advancing its globalization journey from a global production layout to global products. With world-class intelligent manufacturing capabilities, Great Wall Motors will not only promote the transformation and upgrading of Made in China, but also have the confidence and strength to stand out when competing with international mainstream automobile enterprises.

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