GWM Anniversary Special: Get Up to R30 000 off our Bakkies!

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GWM Anniversary Special: Get Up to R30 000 off our Bakkies!

A Tenth Anniversary is special in anyone’s book. But, ours means a lot to us because it represents ten years of support from the wonderful motorists of South Africa. Traditionally the 10th Anniversary gift is tin, but we’re not happy with that. Instead, we’d like to give away cash in the form of huge savings on our bakkies!

Just to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who helped make GWM so welcome in South Africa, we’re knocking up to R30,000 off the prices of some of our vehicles. To give you a better idea of what this means for you, here is a closer look at some of our vehicles on promotion:

Top GWM Bakkies
1. GWM M4

The GWM M4 is a superlative SUV that is very popular across the globe but especially loved by South Africans. This is because its rugged exterior and ground clearance, coupled with its luxurious interior, make it the perfect vehicle for both city and off-road driving. And, with our spectacular cities and untouched wilderness, the M4 is the perfect vehicle to explore the country in.

With our 10th Anniversary special you can save up to R20,000 on this brilliantly versatile SUV.

2. GWM Steed 5

The Steed 5 is nothing if not rugged. Built to withstand some of the harshest off-road environments, the safety and power of this machine are more than anyone could ask for. But, that is not to say that it is a one-trick pony. With supreme comfort and entertainment in the cabin, the ride is always enjoyable, regardless of the terrain.

You can save up to R30,000 on the Steed 5 with our 10th Anniversary special.

3. GWM Steed 5E

With refined looks and an added emphasis on the luxury of the cabin, the Steed 5E puts comfort in the driving seat. This fantastic vehicle is aimed at the more leisure-oriented drivers, but doesn’t leave any of the signature Steed toughness behind.

You could save R25,000 on this brilliant vehicle with our 10th Anniversary special.

4. GWM Steed 6

The Steed 6 ups the ante on all fronts. Combine exceptional features with raw yet economic power, enhanced safety, and luxurious comfort and entertainment, and you have the perfect ingredients for a heart-stopping double cab.

Take Advantage of Our GWM Bakkies!

A 10th Anniversary comes around but once, and we want you to take full advantage of it. So, to get your hands on these amazing machines at these incredible discounts, be sure to contact GWM today!

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