GWM Reviews What Customers Need

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GWM Reviews What Customers Need

Purchasing a new vehicle seems daunting at first. After you’ve worked out your budget and tried setting aside some money for a deposit, you face the prospect of having to browse all that is on offer.

This is simplified by understanding what exactly you want from your vehicle, what you can expect from it in the future and how it integrates with your life, all while suiting your budget. Here are a few things to consider when you are on the lookout for a new vehicle.


One of the main things to consider, once you embark on the journey of purchasing a new vehicle, is understanding which model you need. Finding a model that suits your exact requirements should be the highest priority.

If you have a large family, then you should consider driving a crossover like the GWM M4. If you manage a small business or need a vehicle that can lug your equipment along, then you should look at purchasing a GWM Bakkie. You should keep family and space in mind when deciding between the single or double cab variants.


Here is where many people tend to get tangled in a web of pressured and ill-advised choices. When you budget for a car, make sure you understand all the other factors that play a part in the price such as how inflation will impact your budget, the insurance and service costs.

Luckily, your budget is safe as the GWM prices include a warranty suited to the vehicle along with roadside assistance and the option of an extended service plan. This, combined with the fact that base GWM prices remained stable in recent years, allows you to comfortably consider your options.

Customer Service

Not all are equal when it comes to service. Thus, purchasing your vehicle from the right brand means you embark on this journey on a steady foot. Make sure the brand you choose offers you assured assistance, like that offered to GWM Bakkie and M4 Crossover owners.

As stated before, each GWM includes a warranty suited to the vehicle along with the option of an extended service plan. Owners also have the luxury of having access to any and all contact details of all the GWM accredited dealerships across South Africa.

GWM Bakkie and M4 Crossover owners also have access to roadside assistance provided by the AA (Automobile Association), a reputable nationwide owner support system.

GWM Reviews

One of the many support structures available to automotive consumers is the ability the browse through numerous professional reviews. Customers aren’t just limited to information about the product itself but they also have access to additional information, like the GWM reviews of its cost for service and parts.

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