GWM SA Takes Strides In The Market

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The prospect of spending a large portion of your income on transport is daunting, especially if it’s something that you’ll have to do over extended periods of time. Vehicles aren’t cheap, neither is fuel. Your choice will need to a be carefully considered one.

But what if the choice was made easier by GWM South Africa? The question you’re surely asking is how, and here’s the answer.

Haval Motors recently announced their ownership of GWM SA, a giant leap in taking the brand to the next level in automotive dominance. Haval Motors and GWM have a long and proud history of being market leaders in one of the largest automotive economies in the world, China.

GWM SA is aiming to become a market leader in South Africa too with the introduction of GWM Motors’ affordable, practical and stylish GWM cars and GWM bakkies.


The GWM M4 is a stylish and ground breaking GWM SUV that introduces premium features to a budget driven market. Starting from only R189 900, owners can expect features such as Bluetooth radio, floating roof rails and large interior capacity.

GWM Steed Range

The GWM Steed range include the affordable Steed 5, the stylish Steed 5E and award winning Steed 6. All models are designed to be tough, capable and durable while enclosing the occupants in comfort and luxurious premium features.

GWM Warranty

GWM SA also boasts their comprehensive warranty plans for each model which ranges from 3 to 5 years. Another benefit for consumers is the fact that GWM prices remained stable for the past 2 years, ensuring that customers can get great quality at an affordable price. This is supported even further by various GWM special that run throughout the year.

Consumers are faced with tough economic times, so choosing the right long-term investment is key. Luckily, consumers have several options to choose from and various platforms and outlets which reviewed each model in detail. From automotive magazines, newspaper journalists and TV/online shows discuss the pros and cons of each vehicle so buyers can make an informed decision.

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