GWM Single Cab: Bargain Parts

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GWM Single Cab: Bargain Parts

GWM in South Africa built a foundation that is reputable throughout the automotive industry by providing durable and reliable single cab bakkies at an affordable price. The question on everyone’s lips however, is what makes the GWM Single Cab Steed so affordable?

We can discuss our streamlined and efficient production process, or put the focus on how we demand the best prices for our customers at base level, but the best way is to explain how we look further than just the sale.

GWM prides itself on delivering the best possible service to our clients. One of the many ways in which we do this is by providing an aftersales service that is second to none. That’s were parts pricing comes to play.

When perusing through the range of single cab bakkies for sale, one needs to consider what the cost of the service and parts will be. This is where the GWM Steed 5 Single Cab shone in its segment in the Kingsey Report of 2015.

The Kingsey Report is an annual review of the parts and service pricing of automotive brands and their products. Research is conducted across 74 vehicles featured in nine categories. In the 2015 reports, researchers found the price per basket (which is known to be total price of all parts researched) was the most affordable in the GWM Steed 5.

This, along with the affordable starting retail price of R164 900 and GWM’s comprehensive 3 year/100 00 km warranty, it’s no wonder the GWM Steed 5 Single Cab is considered among the best single cab bakkies for sale South Africa has ever seen.

The South African automotive consumer market witnessed soaring inflation in recent years, with the end consumer forced to dig a bit deeper in their pockets for what are essentially the same products. GWM in South Africa does not agree with this general industry consent and is proud to announce that our prices have remained stable over a period of 18 months. That is remarkable considering how prices increased across the market.

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