GWM South Africa: Tips for Off-Road Driving and the Best GWM Cars for the Job

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Many people buy GWM cars because of their brilliant features, sleek designs, and the affordable and very attractive GWM prices. Some, however, contact GWM SA looking for purpose-built off-roading machinery. And, even discounting the GWM specials, this is a wise move.

The reason for this is the fact that GWM motors are built for rugged outdoor use and can stand up to anything. So, whether you are in a GWM SUV or one of the ultra-tough GWM bakkies, you know that your off-roading experience is going to be an adventure – and for all the right reasons.

You can count on GWM motors to power you through the great outdoors. But, just to make sure that you are as up to the task as the GWM SUV or bakkie you are driving, here are a few off-roading tips.

GWM SA: How to Drive Off-Road

Given that some people attend advanced classes when learning to drive off road, we aren’t going to try to teach you everything about the practice in this article. We will, however, give you a few tips to get you started, just to make sure that your excursions stay as safe as possible.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the basics for off-road driving:

Don’t Be a Hero

Don’t go off road trying to impress anyone. This could lead you to making bad decisions just because you are worried about looking less than brave. Forget all of this. Never be afraid to turn around and find another route if the one you are on looks treacherous. Being cautious is better than rolling your vehicle while trying to be a hero.

Take It Slowly

Hitting obstacles like rocks and fallen trees at speed is likely to do damage to your vehicle. And, while GWM bakkies are built tough, they aren’t impervious to high speed collisions. This is why it is best to go slowly and ease over obstacles, letting the suspension work the way it was intended to work.

Aim Low

The lower gears in your transmission have more torque, making them better for off-roading. Having to negotiate steep inclines, low-grip surfaces, and obstacles is far better handled in lower gears.

Relieve the Pressure

High tyre pressures may be better for fuel economy, but they don’t do you any favours when you are off-roading. This is because highly inflated tyres are more likely to bounce, which you definitely don’t want. You want your tyres to absorb the shocks offered by the uneven surfaces and help you grip the loose terrain. This is achieved through lowering your vehicle’s tyre pressure.

GWM South Africa: The Best Tool for the Job

You might like trundling down a country lane or you may prefer venturing out into the unknown and forging your own path. Whatever your choice, you need the right tool for the job. Fortunately GWM has the right vehicle to suit your needs.

Whether it’s an SUV or a thoroughbred bakkie, you’ll find what you need in our showrooms. And, with GWM prices being what they are (and GWM specials seeing vehicles go for a steal), you’ll definitely get lots of bang for your buck.

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