GWM Specs: What Your Next Bakkie Needs

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GWM Specs: What Your Next Bakkie Needs

The bakkie as a utility vehicle has continuously proven itself over time. Fleet managers, farmers, delivery companies and rugby supporters will, without a moment’s hesitation, jump to defence of a bakkie.

If you are among those who want your next vehicle to be a bakkie. You’ll be busy analysing the details, like those found in the GWM Steed specs list, wondering how to make up your mind. “But which one? There are so many options.” Here are a few aspects you should consider when looking for a new bakkie.

Loading capacity

Among the many reasons why bakkies are so popular is the fact that they’re able to carry large loads. Bakkies can easily transport essentials which are too big for a standard vehicle. This makes them extremely popular. So the bakkie’s load capacity should be substantial enough for you to transport your goods or equipment hassle-free.

Tough Exterior

Along with being used as hauling mules, bakkies should also be able to venture off the beaten track. Loading the back with camping equipment, getting the family on board and driving several kilometres off-road should be no problem for a bakkie. Make sure the model you want is built for adventure. A good ground clearance with a standard skid plate means your vehicle won’t be phased by larger rocks and hills.

Comfortable interior

Being a workhorse, luxury is among the last things one would expect in a utility vehicle. However, modern bakkies do feature several luxury additions, like those found on the GWM Steed 5 specs list, which make life more comfortable. Make sure your bakkie is equipped with features that will make it a comfortable ride.

Strong engine

Being able to tow all that extra weight is a must for any bakkie. Having all the space in the world to store equipment is pointless if you can’t take it anywhere. Do research on engine specification and see for yourself if it will be able to lug around the extra luggage.

Seeing that all the vehicles from the commercial range of GWM specs are fitted with these features, it makes the task of searching a whole lot easier.

The GWM Steed 5 is commercial vehicle that is designed to make the utility of bakkies affordable for the masses. With a tough segment that features several products, GWM is aiming to become a pillar within South Africa’s bakkie segment by producing solid and reliable models that feature elite specifications and a fraction of the price.

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