GWM SUV: It’s GWM South Africa’s 10th Anniversary!

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GWM SUV: It’s GWM South Africa’s 10th Anniversary!

Named after the Great Wall of China that runs through its home province, GWM or Great Wall Motors, has established itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of single cab bakkies and double cab bakkies. Having begun life in 1984, GWM soon expanded across the globe based on the company’s fine workmanship and affordable prices. Some years after that, it is remarkable to think that GWM dealerships have been bringing motoring pleasure to South African drivers for an entire decade.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: A Decade of GWM Single and Double Cab Bakkies in SA

GWM got off to a flying start in South Africa. Having entered the market in March 2007, it didn’t take long before we started bringing fans to our ranks. People just took to our Brand partly because of the fact that our prices are lower than our competitors, but most importantly because we build tough, comfortable, versatile vehicles.

We started off supplying double and single cab bakkies, but it wasn’t long before South African motorists wanted more. We realised that there was a big market for more passenger oriented vehicles. Enter the GWM SUV and sedan!

Today we are proud to have a large amount of SUVs and family sedans on the road right alongside our range of bakkies. And, with March marking our Ten Year Anniversary in South Africa, we’re sure there is about to be a lot more of our vehicles taking to the road.

This is because we couldn’t let such a momentous occasion pass without giving something back to the motorists who have made this past decade such a pleasure.

Special Prices on SUVs and Double Cab Bakkies

During March we have been offering specials on some of our vehicle models in order to show the public how much we appreciate their support. We’ve knocked up to R30,000 off some of our prices, just to celebrate these past 10 Years in South Africa.

And, if the support we’ve experienced over the past decade is anything to go by, the future looks very bright indeed. We’re sure that, with the continued enthusiasm of the wonderful South African motorists, GWM will only grow stronger in its ability to supply high quality vehicles at very affordable prices. Here’s to the next Ten Years!

If you would like to be a part of the GWM family and get behind the wheel of one of these incredible machines, be sure to contact us today!

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