HAVAL, China's No. 1 Brand on "Top 100 Most Valuable Auto Brands 2018"

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Recently, Brand Finance, a recognized third-party brand evaluation firm of UK, published a ranking list - Top 100 most valuable auto brands 2018, in which 21 auto brands of China are included.

The most notable one is HAVAL, the SUV leader- HAVAL, with its value jumped in rank from 29th in the last year to 16th in 2018, is included in the rank of global top 20, and also moves ahead of such world famous auto brands as Ferrari, Tesla, Aston Martin and Volvo. What's more, HAVAL goes ahead of other automobile enterprises in China and ranks the first among the most valuable auto brands of China.

It is well known that, in recent years, Chinese brands have made rapid progress in various industries from smart phones and home appliances to automobiles and high-speed railway.

Especially the passenger vehicle brands of China have an ever-increasing market share in recent years, which rises from 33.9% in 2014 to 42.5% in 2017. Most leading automobile enterprises in China have entered a new era of "forward research" and "independent development". In terms of vehicle model and price, more and more auto brands of China are no longer content with an fixed image of "poor quality and low price", and try to promote the "upward development of brands" through the production of "quality vehicles".

It is obviously that, among brands pursuing upward development, GWM and HAVAL are outstanding leaders - not only taking the lead in offering high-end vehicle models, such as HAVAL H8 and H9 at the price of more than RMB 150,000, but also striving to build China's first luxury brand of SUV - WEY.

"Not touching by feelings but persuading by strength." With the monthly sales from 3000 vehicles to 5000 vehicles and to more than 10,000 vehicles, two luxury SUV models of WEY, VV7 and VV5, continuously break the sales records, and refresh the recognition of the outside world on the auto brands of China, especially the luxury brands, in less than a year. As the pioneer of China's luxury SUV brands, WEY has made great achievements. With successful breakthrough of WEY in the luxury market segment and great improvement of the outside recognition on HAVAL, the brand premium of HAVAL's vehicle is inevitably bound to a corresponding rise.

In fact, it is not the first time that HAVAL, the SUV leader, comes out in front in the value rank of the global auto brands. In February 2017, Brand Finance released the ranking list of global SUV brands, putting HAVAL on top of Jeep and Land Rover, with brand rating of AA+.

In this case, HAVAL is worthy of The No.1 SUV brand in China on "Top 100 Most Valuable Auto Brands 2018". HAVAL, as the first brand with annual sales of SUV up to millions, its star product, HAVAL H6, continues to top the ranking list of SUV sales. Being nourished by the huge automobile market of China and journey with WEY brand, It,s not impossible that HAVAL will be included in the ranking list of global top 10 auto brands and keep pace with Toyota and Volkswagen in the near future.

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