New GWM Bakkie Prices Remain Consistent

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New GWM Bakkie Prices Remain Consistent

Over the years, South African consumers faced several tough challenges concerning their transport budget. Rising fuel costs, increased taxing on products, vehicle price inflation and e-tolls made sure that each vehicle owner had to review their budgets over time.

Due to increasing costs on products such as steel and plastic, the automotive industry was forced to invest in alternative methods of cost reduction or do a basic inflation of their standard costs. Most, if not all, had to look to the latter as their initial response to rising costs.

This was the case for most automotive manufacturers except GWM. With the Steed 5 Single and Double Cab range, new GWM bakkie prices remained the same for the past 18 months. An amazing achievement considering how the market fluctuated.

An affordable Steed

GWM bakkie reviews showcased the rise in popularity of the Steed 5, along with delving into great depth about how highly affordable new GWM bakkie prices are. New or used, the GWM bakkie for sale deals were becoming the bargain of the century.

This was noted by the previous Kingsey Report conducted in 2015, where research found the Steed 5 as the most affordable bakkie in its segment to maintain. Considering the price-per-part in basket, GWM’s Steed 5 shone above the competition by being nearly half of the service and maintenance cost.

Exceptional for a bakkie that is relatively new to the South African market. So how has GWM been able to achieve this? To find, one needs to look abroad.

Growing market influence

Although GWM is still a growing brand within local shores, GWM is the leading bakkie retailer in China. Seen as the largest growing automotive market in the world, being a market leader takes some doing.

With this achievement, GWM was able to relate their success in China and introduce a model that is highly suitable to the local South African bakkie market. And the news gets even better.

What it means for you

South Africans can enjoy the peace of mind of GWM's comprehensive 3 year/100 000 km warranty and comes with 2-years AA roadside assistance included as standard with all Steed 5 Single Cab models.

Steed 5 Double Cab owners enjoy the same 2-years AA roadside assistance but with the added 5 year/100 000 km warranty. Exceptional value for money considering the affordable prices.

Be assured that the next new GWM bakkie for sale you consider will be backed by a brand that cares for their clients.

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