Single Cab vs Double Cab Bakkies

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Double cab or single cab bakkies – that is the question. Both exist because they have very specific and relevant purposes. It’s not as if double cabs came out and crushed the need for single cab vehicles, a bit like CDs did to tapes. It’s not as if the only single cab bakkie for sale on the market is in the used car lots.

No, a single cab for sale stands proudly next to a double cab, confident in its own purpose-built splendour. A single cab knows that a double cab is not the next step, it’s just another member of the family. So, what is the main difference between double cab and single cab bakkies, and which one should you choose? We’ll answer that question right now.

Single Cab vs Double Cab: What is the Difference?

The most noticeable difference between a double cab and single cab bakkie for sale is, of course, the additional cabin space. A single cab has only the front seats making up the cabin, and the rest of the bakkie is devoted to storage space in the form of the loading bin. A double cab, on the other hand, has additional space inside the cabin for passengers or other items.

The compromise in the case of a double cab is the fact that less space is left available for storage in the loading bin. The additional seats inside the cabin encroach slightly on what would have been pure, unadulterated storage space. However, the back seats don’t just have to be used to transport passengers. It is also possible to place tools and other items on the back seats when the storage bin is filled to capacity. In single cabs, it isn’t always possible to transport tools when the storage bin is filled. As mentioned above, single cabs have more, pure storage room available. This means that it is possible to transport bigger loads, which could definitely accommodate tools and other items if packed well.

Which is Better?

In truth there is no right answer to this question. As mentioned, both single and double cabs exist because they each have specific purposes. This means that it is entirely up to you, the owner, and your needs. If the main reason you have for looking for a single cab for sale is the transportation of goods and equipment, you’re on the right track. Single cabs provide a bigger storage area and are thus perfect for hauling loads. If, however, you see yourself splitting your loads between goods and passengers, a double cab will probably serve you better.

Hopefully this helps you make a good decision regarding which bakkie is better. But, with the excellent vehicles available from GWM, it’s understandable why it is a tough decision. If you are still unsure as to which to choose, contact GWM today and we’ll be happy to help you decide.

Image credit: http://www.sacarfan.co.za/2012/05/updated-gwm-steed-5-single-and-double-cab/

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