The Beauty of Single Cab GWM Steed Bakkies

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The Beauty of Single Cab GWM Steed Bakkies

Unlike SUVs or double cabs, single cab bakkies are specialist tools. When built right, they’re tough as nails, rigid, and have only one purpose – the safe transportation of goods of all, shapes, sizes, weights.

While other bakkies are somewhere in between purpose built transportation machinery and people carriers, single cab bakkies are strictly the former, and that’s why we love them so much. But, tough and rugged machinery doesn’t have to forego comfort and looks altogether. In fact, it’s quite possible to blend the worlds of utility and luxury and roll them up into the most awesome example of single cab bakkies for sale. The single cab GWM bakkie is a prime example.

Take the Steed 5 for instance. This is a great example of a thoroughbred workhorse, but it manages to be completely tough while still catering for comfort and entertainment.

Just to prove our point about comfort and amazing features not detracting from toughness in any way, take a look at some of the features of the Steed 5:


Everything from the spaciousness of the cabin – with its abundant legroom, headroom, and shoulder-room – to the bucket seats and padded armrest are aimed at giving the driver and passengers of the Steed 5 an exceptionally comfortable ride. Add to this, luxuries such as power steering, a USB/SD audio system and air-conditioning, and you’re sure of a very enjoyable driving experience.

Some models even go so far as to offer power electric windows, leather upholstery, remote audio controls, and electric mirror adjustment.


With single cabs being built to spend a lot of time on the road (or off it, for that matter), safety is paramount. Safety packages feature ABS with EBD and dual front airbags. Fog lamps and adjustable safety belts come standard on all Steed 5 models, as do immobilisers and central locking.


Just because a single cab bakkie is designed to be rugged doesn’t mean that it can’t have great looks as well. Granted, the Steed 5 is designed to be incredibly tough – featuring a double insulated load bin and ladder frame chassis – but its smooth design, steel wheels, and colour coding make it one handsome workhorse.

Single cab bakkies are purpose built for hard work. But GWM doesn’t equate hard work with discomfort. That’s why we’ve packed a host of fantastic features into a tough exterior – allowing every driver to work hard and play hard all at once.

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