The Steed 5E Explores New Pastures

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Owning a bakkie, much like the GWM Steed 5E, is both a privilege and pleasure. Having the ability to venture off the beaten track without a moment’s hesitation while safe in the knowledge that you will remain cocooned in luxury is just perfect.

Since the Steed 5 facelift made its debut, the automotive market played witness to the introduction of a model that not only measures up to the elite but makes it affordable for consumers. This certainly was a welcome breath of fresh air.

The Steed 5 4x4 was just the right model the bakkie segment needed. Something that is powerful enough to lug around heavy loads, durable enough for tougher roads and comfortable enough to take to church on Sundays. With a wide range of specs and accessories, the Steed 5 has certainly set a benchmark for other bakkies on the market.

So, what makes the Steed 5 4x4 so special?

Simple. It introduces elite features at an affordable price to a tight nipped consumer market that is currently under financial strain. Some of these Steed 5 accessories include Bluetooth, ABS and EBD, dual airbags and a multi-function steering wheel.

Although luxuries are valued, the true measure of a bakkie’s success is how it performs as a workhorse. Camping trips, helping a friend move house, delivering the new fridge from the shop, this is where a bakkie should shine.

And the GWM Steed5 facelift model does this exceptionally well. Designed to be tough and reliable, the Steed 5 4x4 is more than a pretty face.

Great! But what about the fine print?

GWM looks to deliver exceptional value to the local consumer market, which is why the Steed 5 facelift boasts GWM’s comprehensive 5-years/100 000 km warranty and 2-years/24-hour roadside assistance. An optional 5-years/60 000 km service plan is also available.

That’s phenomenal considering the Steed 5 4x4 Double Cab retails from only R189 900.

Image credit: GWM Alberton

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