Three Reasons Why SUV Cars Are Growing in Popularity

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Three Reasons Why SUV Cars Are Growing in Popularity

There appears to be a growing trend in South Africa that is seeing the rise in popularity of SUV cars, particularly small SUVs and crossovers. What exactly is it about SUVs that makes them so appealing to the South African driver?

The advantages of driving an SUV

The major benefits when making a SUV comparison with your average sedan or hatchback, is that an SUV seems to offer the modern urbanite a greater sense of comfort, safety and versatility when driving on South African roads.

To understand the advantages that a crossover or SUV for sale in South Africa has over other cars on the market, let’s take a look at each of these driving perks in more detail.


The larger interiors of the SUV are an obvious benefit when it comes to comfort. The extra seating capacity makes these vehicles the ideal family car as not only can you accommodate more people, but you can do so without sacrificing on the modern style and look of the vehicle. These cars still look both suave and powerful on the road.


Sitting higher in the vehicle, the SUV offers greater visibility, not just for yourself, but you are also more visible to other cars on the road. Another advantage of the car sitting higher above the ground is the benefit of being able to safely drive over debris and small objects on the road, with minimal damage – a great advantage considering the condition of some urban roads in South Africa.


The first benefit of versatility when it comes to SUVs in South Africa and perhaps the leading reason why this sort of vehicle has become so popular is the ability of the driver to not only have comfort and safety in their urban environment, but to also have the ability to take those advantages off-road, into the country and escape into more the more quiet and beautiful surroundings of nature.

The additional space offered by an SUV also allows you to convert a passenger vehicle into a useful cargo vehicle should the need arise.

Aren’t these cars more expensive and heavier on fuel?

They can be, however, there are many makes and models to choose from that are no more expensive than your average sedan or hatchback, but still offer all the attractive and rugged advantages.

The GWM M4 is arguably the most affordable stylish, sporty SUV South Africa has to offer. This compact SUV is packed with all the features needed from your ideal crossover and is certainly an option you need to consider when making your SUV comparisons.

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