Travel in Style with a Double Cab Bakkie

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Travel in Style with a Double Cab Bakkie

Summer is here and with such glorious weather on the horizon, the great outdoors is beckoning. If you are planning on embarking on an adventure or an exciting road trip, then why not travel in style with a double cab bakkie?

GWM offers a range of double cab bakkies for sale, each with their own unique specs and features to make your journey a safe and enjoyable one. Although each bakkie has its own individual personality, they all have a lot in common as well, including power, safety and comfort.When looking for a double cab for sale, you can inspect models such as the Steed 5, Steed 5E and Steed 6 and find the vehicle which best suites your lifestyle.

Smooth journey

With a variety of exciting features such as power steering and air conditioning, GWM’s double cab bakkies are designed to ensure you have a comfortable and smooth journey, even if you are planning on roughing it out in the wild.

Each model is spacious, not just in terms of leg room, but there is plenty of place for you to put your luggage when you are embarking on an extended road trip or simply just going away for the weekend.

Safety first

Your safety is one of GWM’s primary concerns, therefore each double cab bakkie comes with several features designed to protect you, not just on those long journeys but also if you are just going down the road to the shops. Some of the safety features include fog lamps to increase visibility in poor weather conditions, airbags, adjustable seatbelts child safety locks.

Looking good

With its rugged and handsome looks, your double cab bakkie will not only put any Hollywood heart-throb to shame, but you will also be turning heads wherever you go.

If you are looking for a vehicle which offers comfort, safety and a wide range of other features which reflect your active lifestyle, then visit a reliable dealership see what double cab bakkie specials are on offer. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you are planning on using a double cab bakkie for business or pleasure, because no matter where you are going, you will be going there in style.

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